Dystopia 08


Dystopia 08” One from a limited edition of 5. Giclée print, archival chromatic ink on canvas measuring 33 x 20 inches Signed and numbered by artist.


Artist Statement:

Dystopia series explores a “duality” that exists between Dystopia and Utopia.
The questions I seek to answer is: Do we currently live in a state of Dystopia? And if so, is this state becoming worse? Or do we live in a Utopia, a state that is actually improving?

There is a state of flux between these worlds, perhaps a back and forth. The main concept of Dystopia: the world is bad, and someone wants to change it. The Dystopia series of artworks portray a vision for a bright future in our world, a mutation into Utopia. The artworks portray an ardent desire and will to search for Utopia. The main character is a sole traveler, a Dystopian protagonist who feels trapped and is struggling to escape. The traveler metaphorically speaking, represents humanity, and an evolving society moving forward. Barriers do exist in the traveler’s way. The barriers slowly disintegrate. And the traveler passes through. This perceived disintegration allows the creation or re-creation of Utopia. In due process, ecology is being disturbed. Climate changes occur. More and more wars are being fought. But despite the bruises, the world survives and remains intact. And the future is bright. Utopia’s role is a critical and visionary vessel for hope of a better society.

Other notable examples of Limited Editions in the Dystopia series: “Utopia Guardians” “Kallipolis” “Dystopia 04” “Virtues” “Dystopia 07” “Life labyrinth” “Auxiliaries” and “Producers“. Artworks from the “Dystopia” series are on display in the Museum of Computer Art (MOCA).


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