Future is bright


Future is bright” is an original oil on canvas painting measuring 44 x 27.5 inches.


Future is bright artist statement: When it comes to predicting the future I am optimistic, despite the turmoil that exists in our world today, I believe and hope that the future is bright. I wanted to express and further communicate this thought by means of an oil painting. Two motifs emerged. The past eras being sort of “in the dark”, and the new Post-Modern era, the age of technology, information, computers, and communications, which I consider our “saviors” and want to believe will bring us indeed a bright future. This is how the subject of my painting was born.
Description: A group of mannequins, sitting in the dark is patiently waiting, gazing into the future. After a transition period (read our current state of information) an explosion of knowledge will occur, bringing us a very bright future. The painting’s size is in accordance with the “Golden Ratio”.

Received the Special Merit Award – Painting & Other Media Category of “Light Space and Time

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