Jacob’s ladder


Jacob’s ladder” Giclee archival chromatic ink on canvas measuring 18 x 28 inches. Limited edition digital painting signed and numbered by artist.

Artist statement: This artwork was inspired by the story of Jacob’s dream from the book of Genesis in which the ladder represents the connection between the earth and heaven that Jacob dreams about. I interpret the ladder as a beam of light that represents a connection between the possible and the impossible. Man’s attempt to narrow the gap between the mundane real world in which we exist, and the perfect unreal imaginary world we aspire to.


Jacob’s ladder Description: In the plane called earth, a man searches his entire life. His whole being is bound by established rules governing his existence. Most of the time he leaves a relatively modest imprint, his shadow. Sometime “man” excels and reaches a higher plateau, finding his purpose in life and understanding the meaning of his existence. That leaves a much deeper substantial imprint, represented by a longer shadow.

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