Lost Love


Lost Love” One from a limited edition of 5. Giclée fine art print. Archival chromatic ink on canvas measuring 22 x 36 inches signed and numbered by the artist.


Lost Love

Lost Love Artist statement – This artwork explores the subject of a lost love. The parties could be two individuals, but the artwork really refers to the lost love of art. Specifically, the love of classical art. View also the Open Museum and Open Museum 2 artworks. The artwork was entered into the IBA (Infected By Art) competition in 2018

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Other notable examples of Limited Editions in the Dystopia series: “Dystopia 08” “Utopia Guardians” “Dystopia Travel” “Auxiliaries” “Virtues” “Dystopia 07” “Life labyrinth” “Dystopia news” and “Producers“. Artworks from the “Dystopia” series are on display in the Museum of Computer Art (MOCA).


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