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What art do people buy?

Well, almost anything one can imagine. This article explores what sells “the most” in today’s art marketplace. The article aims to provide the prospective buyer with some basic information, allowing him or her to validate their personal instinct against established research data and art sales volumes. It is not the intent of the article to persuade the buyer what to buy. One should never abandon their first instinct.

To research the best selling art types,  it is also important to classify who are the buyers. There are three very distinct groups of people who purchase art. The lower tier includes the beginner or occasional buyer who would usually spend just a few dollars and is likely to buy prints or even posters. The middle tier consists of people that are generally speaking more interested and more knowledgeable about art, who want to buy original art and are prepared to spend more money. In the higher tier, we find the professional collectors and or corporate buyers people who have very specific requirements paired with a higher spending power. This group also includes art investors.

The data in this article was compiled from several sources to answer the basic questions an art buyer may be interested in, and to find the best in the category.

What are the most selling artworks by subject?

Modern or semi-abstract landscapes
Horses, dogs, and other animals

What are the most selling artworks by style?


What are the most selling artworks by medium?

Art Prints
Prints in Limited Editions
Original paintings

What are the most selling artworks by period?

Other Fine art

What are the most selling artworks by price bracket?

Below 1K about 55% of all sales
1K – 5K about 33% of all sales
5K – 50K about 25% of all sales

What are the most artwork selling venues?

Dealers 24%
Art Fairs 19%
Artist Studios 18%


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