Online art gallery

As of this writing, more and more people are using online art gallery websites to fulfill their art purchasing needs. While it is true that brick and mortar galleries have not completely vanished from the scene, it is also true that they are losing stature to the new kid on the block, the online art gallery.

Online art gallery advantages

The main advantages of an online art gallery store are as follows:

A. The ease of searching for art – a user may enter any number of search parameters and the website will deliver quick results matching the search criteria. There is no need to go from one gallery to the next to find art.

B. Easy smooth transaction – ordering is very easy online, the process of buying art is no different than buying other products.

C. A large portfolio of artworks to choose from – the online gallery stores have many participating artists who want to show and sell their work.

Online art gallery disadvantages

The main disadvantages of an online art gallery store are as follows:

A. Not being able to examine the work in person – this is particularly more of a problem when the art is an expensive piece. However, in today’s market online galleries offer free returns if a customer is not satisfied or has changed their mind.

B. Availability of very high end and expensive artworks – for the high-end segment, the specialized collector with very specific criteria, the best place to search is still the brick and mortar storefront art gallery.

Recommended online art galleries

Some of the best art can be found on the following websites:

Artspan – Link

Artfinder – Link

Saatchiart – Link

artgreeT – Link